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Spa De La Mare was founded in 1980 by David De La Mare. A true visionary, he revolutionised the way spas were manufactured, taking energy efficiency to a new level by combing improved power output with more effective heat retention. The addition of quality tiled mosaic finishes added a visual excellence to match this technological advance.

David has passed on the realisation of his vision to the current owners; Dean Gallienne and Mike Fossey. Together they have continued in his spirit of innovation and created a range of spas and swimspas of unsurpassed quality.

Spa De La Mare can now confidently claim to be the world’s leading manufacturers of fully tiled spa and swimspa, which are now distributed around the world as far afield as Sweden, Norway and Kenya. Mike and Dean have developed exacting standards for their product based on a combined 70 years of experience. Their success in the pursuit of excellence has resulted in the company winning 7 consecutive S.P.A.T.A awards for Best Spa Company, providing independent confirmation of the highest standards of quality and service that they offer.

When it comes to installing your spa or swimspa, our team of dedicated technicians see all projects through from start finish. They have worked with everyone from A-list celebrities and royalty to the man in the street – clients that have in common an appreciation of the value and sheer quality of the Spa De La Mare range of products. Whether inside or outdoors our technicians work closely with our clients to create a solution to fit with the ambiance of the surrounding environment, whether contemporary or traditional. Whatever you decide, you can relax in the knowledge that safety is a paramount concern in every case.


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