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11/02/2023 at 09:00am

Castel Farmer's Market

Support local vendors by coming down to Le Friquet Garden centre and exploring the wide array of stalls available.
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15/02/2023 at 19:30pm

The Fanny Davies International Piano Series presents Leon McCawley

An exquisite artist with the highest international reputation, Leon McCawley more regularly appears at venues such as London’s Wigmore Hall and New York’s Lincoln Center but performs for The Fanny Davies International Piano Series at St James this Feb
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18/02/2023 at 00:00am

Great Gatsby Casino Night

Revel in the roaring twenties and experience the magic of a 1920’s Great Gatsby casino night at The White House Hotel, Herm.
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18/02/2023 at 11:00am

Creative Writing Workshop in Sark

Join Siya Turabi writing mentor, novelist and poet for a creative writing workshop in Sark.
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