Rita's Hungarian Delicacy


ou can find us by the Alliance Supermarket in a lovely wooden cottage. We serve very delicious freshly made traditional hungarian street food as Chimney Cake (Kurtoskalacs) and Langos. 

Chimney Cake: we wrap the uncooked pastry around a wooden cylinder, roll in sugar and then bake it in a purpose made Chimney Cake oven. Once cooked the sugar gets caramelised then we roll the hot, sticky pastry in a topping such as vanilla, almond, cinnamon, walnut, chocolate or coconut.

Langos is just so typically Hungarian it has to be tried. A Frisbee-sized savoury dough deep fried in oil, topped with soured cream, garlic and grated cheese is a popular fast food in Hungary, nicknamed the „Hungarian Hamburger".
It also can be stuffed with various fillings such as Ham & Cheese or Frankfurter & Cheese.